West Monroe High School
Class of 1977
April 1, 2017
8 days
until our reunion.
If you would like to order a similar shirt, email wmhsclassof1977.com  They will run probably $20 each.   We are still v
If you would like to order a similar shirt, email wmhsclassof1977.com They will run probably $20 each. We are still verifying vendor for these. This is a vintage shirt from 1977!

Welcome WMHS
Class of 1977!!

PLAN NOW to attend YOUR 40 Year Class Reunion!  April 1, 2017.  $50 per person.  Mail check payable to Melinda Bonnette, 1745 Caples Road, West Monroe LA  71292.  Details are on the Details of Events page to the left.  Pay by March 27, 2017.  We do have to turn a count into our cater that day!  Please support our efforts to make this reunion the best one yet!   

We plan to take a group picture at 6:45 at Landry's.  Eat at 7:00.

As of today 3/22/17 -- we have about 120 paid to come to reunion!  It will be a GREAT event!  We would love for more of our LOCALS to COME!  Make this commitment -- you still have time to get your check in the mail or dropped by to me!  See below!

​​You can also drop your check off to Melinda Bonnette at Bank of Ruston, 2450 Tower Drive, Monroe LA.  

Email: wmhsclassof1977@gmail.com

​For convenience -- you can text Melinda Bonnette your name, address and email and your information will be updated on the website.  318/376-1745

​There will be many graduates coming in from out of town that want to see our graduates!  PLEASE make the decision to come and have a GREAT time at a beautiful venue!  

EACH of YOU can help by getting the word out about our reunion, our website and our facebook group!  We need to verify addesses, email address and cell numbers so everyone gets contacted.  We will be mailing out postcards by February 4 and need the current address for each graduate.   

PLEASE go into your profile NOW (on the People page tab to the left) and update any and all of your information.  If you have forgotten the email address or your password -- just do a new "Add Your Profile" and I can delete the old profile.  Or you can contact us through the Contact  Us page and I can reset your email address so you can then request a new password.   If you need more information or help -- please email wmhsclassof1977@gmail.com or text 318/376-1745 with your question. 

Join our group on Facebook!  The most current updates are there with interaction.  Help us find and add any graduates with a facebook page that is not part of this group.  Spouses are also OK to add.   If you can not find the group -- send a friend request to me and I can add you -- Melinda Harper Bonnette.

Facebook name: WMHS Class of 1977

​Our 40th Reunion activities are being planned! Reunion is set for Saturday, April 1, 2017.  We will have a Meet and Greet at Johnny's Pizza on Warren Drive, Friday, March 31, 2017 at 6:00 in the large back room.   Order and pay for what you want.  Tell them you are with the WMHS Reunion and you will receive 10% off!  Let's fill it up with Classmates!  We will have scheduled a tour  of the school for Saturday morning at 10:00.  Lots of changes in the school in the past 40 years!  You will want to plan to do this! There will be no charge for this tour.  Reunion venue for Saturday night will be a Landry Vineyards in West Monroe from 6:00 to 11:00.  If you have never been -- YOU WANT TO GO!  We will have the band Smackwater play and eat Sausage and Chicken Jambalaya!  Cost will be $50 per person.  See the Details of Event page to the left and the RSVP page for information to send your check!  We have also added the option to Buy Tickets on line!  If you chose to buy your ticket on line cost will be $53.00 per person due to a service fee charged for this.  We want a LARGE turnout so plan now to be there or be square!!    

We will take a group picture at Landry's at 6:45 and eat at 7:00.  We will also be taking shirt orders -- $20 per shirt and $3.00 to mail if you can not pick up.


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