Chuck Adams and Cindy Little Cameron reinact their ride after 40 year reunion meeting.
Chuck Adams and Cindy Little Cameron reinact their ride after 40 year reunion meeting.
Direct Graduates to our website to update their profile with address, cell phone and email address!!   People Page
Friend them and add them also to our facebook group!  wmhsclassof1977

40 Year Reunion Committee:

Melinda Harper Bonnette
-- coordinator of events and people information (names and addresses); person in charge of updating site, keeping up with the money, RSVPs and the one who keeps everyone going!  Will follow up with Photo Booth and Johnnys.  

Cindy Little Cameron --  provides reunion meeting place, will follow up on food and School tour. 

Chere Ritchie Zagone -- Band follow up and Set up

Gayle Braddock Search -- Door Registration Table

Karen Henry Paulk -- Door Prizes

Brenda Dyke Moore -- Decorations

Denise Irwin Evans -- Decorations

Donna Williams Zigler -- Decorations & Mailing Postcards

Kay Roberts Hembree -- Postcard and Name Tag Printing

Rhonda Jones Brown -- Home made Dessert round up

​Chuck Adams -- Ice Chest, Ice, Water and Soft Drinks

Mike Mulhearn --  Ice Chest, Ice, Water and Soft Drinks

Karen Hamilton McCourt -- Initial set up of Web Site    

If you can help in any way, we need you!  Especially helping us confirm graduates information and letting our graduates know about reunion.  Make sure they commit and pay to come! 


Here are some ways you can be a part of the team:

1.  Help us by sending your RSVP and money as soon as possible for events.  The reunion committee is working hard on making this the best reunion ever but we need your help by attending, sending RSVP and check for upcoming events as soon as possible.  We are trying to keep costs down and make each event as simple and cost efficient as possible.  It is quick and easy to RSVP from this site.   Please "screen print" Print Page to left and sent back with your check (payable to Melinda Bonnette) for reunion.  You MUST prepay for reunion so we are prepared for all attending.  You can also pay on line on the Buy tickets page.


2.  Help locate alumni – check the comment section on the People Pages and/or Missing Grads Page to see who we have not verified addresses for and/or missing.  You can forward the website to them and/or get this information to us so we can update our address list and mail them a letter.  We have many addresses still to verify and about 100 grads still missing.  Please become a part of this and help locate our Alumni.  Please include address, telephone number, and email address if possible.  We don’t want to leave out any graduates. 


** If you’re in contact with any graduates, please direct them to our website to sign up on the People Page and contact us with their information.


** We have 488 graduates and need your help with this!

3.  We are taking donations for some Fabulous Door Prizes.  If you and/or your business has a contribution you can make, please contact us by email by way of the People Page or Contact Us Page to the left.  Karen Henry Paulk is our contact graduate for this.    

4.  Don't forget to take some pictures at all of our events so we can post as many as possible after the events to the website.  It will be fun to share with those not able to attend!


5.  We will need people to help set up for the reunion at Landrys.  Denise Irwin Evans is over decorations if you would like to volunteer!  If you have or can offer a service that may help, please let us know.  As we get farther along, we will discover more that needs to be done.  Don’t be shy – you will be surprised what you can do and how much fun it will be!

6.  Money Donations will be accepted!  If you are unable to attend reunion but enjoy the website -- it does cost to keep it up.  We want to keep the site up after reunion and any donation (whether you are attending or not attending) will be accepted now or later for this.  You can contact us for more information.   

Our website is also a link on the official WMHS website. 

Chuck Adams takes Karen Hamilton McCourt for a ride too!  This picture is from our 30th Reunion!
Chuck Adams takes Karen Hamilton McCourt for a ride too! This picture is from our 30th Reunion!
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