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Hoyt Lee would say  "Job Well Done!"

The school had no Air Conditioning except in the band and choir rooms.  Remember BTU and the box fans in the windows!

Mrs. Griffen would jump in and stand in her trash can in her room and repeat "You people treat me like trash!"

John Steinbeck's had his orange Trans Am with the "screaming chicken" on the hood!

You could smoke at school in the smoking ring.  It had one tree out there for cover!

Key Club would ring the "Bell" after touchdowns during the football games and the band would play Dixie. 

We used to make Homecoming Floats with the tissue flowers!

Truett Thorn used to play Elvis RECORDS in between classes in the annex.

Strawberry Hill tasted good -- going down -- not coming up! 

Someone spiked the punch at the Frey's house while working on Homecoming Floats!

We thought a winning seasons was when we won more games than we lost!

Our mama's MADE our homecoming and prom dresses!  

We had no pagers or cell phones and had to use a PAY phone! 

The most popular song in America the week we graduated was "When I Need You" by Leo Sayer. 


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