For Group Picture taken at Reunion -- See Below:

Left to Right:


Row 1:  Elizabeth Speights, Julie Copeland, Gordon Pemberton, Sandy Wheat, Kathy Ford, Ava Zuber, Kris Patrick, Virginia Humble, Gwen Jackson, Gayle Braddock, Carol Brantley, Dawn Aldridge, Kathy Pace, Chere Richie, Angela New, Lee Ware, Cindy Little, Melinda Harper


Row 2:  Chuck Adams, Tomeca Hart, Mary Hill, Kay Hollis, Debra Bain, Kay Griggs, Arnold Rawls, Dennis Daniel, Brad Whitfield, Wayne Petrus, Mr. Hoyt Lee, Mike Mulhearn, Cathy Curry, Karen Lawson, Sandy Calhoun, Ginger Auttonberry, Rhonda  Jones, Kathy Clark, Lisa Soignier, Jan Clowers, Susan Smith, Brenda Dyke


Row 3:  Todd Weaver, Bill Perkins, John Steinbeck, David Smith, Dale Shields, Randy Ratcliff, Mike Williams, Paul Cooper, Scott Terral, Greg Moorehead, Darryl Pearson, Steve Williams, Bill Brown, Greg Duncan, Derrick Crockett, Jerry Nall, Kevin Duncan, Russell Watkins, Robert Guillot, Ron Huey, Tom Lowe, Doug Campbell, Karen Hamilton, Karen Henry  

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